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Online Booking Software

Online booking software is developed for specific businesses and organisations, designed so they can take bookings and payments directly from their own websites. Online booking software can also be used to manage walk-in and telephone/MOTO bookings. 

When looking for online booking software, it is important to look for a provider who works with businesses within your industry. Due to the variety of different businesses with a requirement for booking software there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach. That is why you need to find an online booking software provider who specilaises in the types of bookings your business is looking to take.

Although many businesses and organisations are understandably looking to find a quick and cheap solution, chances are this won't end up providing the best long-term results. When looking at implementing online booking software there are a variety of important considerations to keep in mind, from support options to the way the software is hosted.

Online booking software providers who offer 24/7 support are usually favoured by business who don't always operate inside normal working hours e.g. activity centres who are open during evenings and weekends. In terms of hosting, cloud-hosting usually works best due to server scalabiliy. This is especially useful for businesses who run across multiple locations. It is also important to look for booking software which has a high percentage of uptime so your customers can make bookings at any time of the day or night.

Another consideration when choosing booking software is the mobile responsiveness of the software. If the software isn't compatible with mobile and tablet devices you'll miss out on a huge chunk of business. Over the past few years alone, there has been a dramatic shift to mobile so it is detrimental to make sure you check your system of choice is mobile-ready.

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